Want to learn more about your menstrual cycle? Upcoming talk.

Working with women day in and day out, I cover a lot of different topics of conversations, as you can imagine.


One thing I hear from my boot campers and 1-1 clients, is mainly how one week they can be feeling really sluggish in class & then the next week feel much better, increased confidence lifting certain weights, attitude to being in class, increased energy and so on.


One thing, I am a massive advocate of, is being in tune with your body. As a woman, I feel as though this is really important and due to the accessibility of hormonal birth control, for most women, unfortunately this has most definitely gone out the window for some. 


Being able to know, simply, when your body is ovulating each month, the changes in your body to feel when you’re due a period, why you’re suffering with a difference in mood, one week to a next, why you might crave certain foods one week to another, etc etc.

There are not many women who I come across, who actually know the hormonal responses going on, to know WHY they’re feeling a certain way and when to give themselves a break in the month!


All these hormonal shifts are of course, going to make a difference to how you feel throughout the week, so naturally it will also make a tremendous difference to how you feel on a week to week basis.


Learning when your body should be feeling on top form to enable you to have more energy to exercise and eat well compared to the weeks that maybe you don’t quite so motivated, can really make a huge difference in your ability to achieve long term goals. It allows you to be patient on yourself and to acknowledge there will be harder times in the month compared to others.


So, that is why I am putting my first seminar in a couple of years and my first one of 2019.


“How to eat and train around your menstrual cycle”

I’ll be covering our hormonal responses through out the month, what sorts of exercise is most effective for us as women at certain times of the month and what foods are most beneficial for us to be eating at certain times of the month to help soften hormonal responses.
We shall also cover supplementation over the course of the month, to help you manage your periods. Especially for those who may not be having regular periods or have always had painful periods and what can be done to help.
Date: Sunday 17th March
Time: 11-12.30pm
Location: Elite Body Works, Basingstoke.
If you are interested, tickets are £10 and just drop me an e-mail back for details of how to make your payment. That will confirm your space.
I look forward to hearing back from you, if you’d like to come along and learn more about your body.

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