Do you know what it feels like to feel 100%? Why you might not be.

Now some of you may have heard of the acid-alkaline diet. You may have even tried it. But do you know the reasons why people need it / the science behind why it is important that your body has a natural pH level?

Well, this week I am going to teach you.

A lot of major degenerative diseases are triggered by an over acid based environment. Insomnia, arthritis, achy joints, gout, candida, fungal infections, muscle pains are all common symptoms of an over acidic system.

Not only does having a good acid-alkaline balance beneficial for your general well being and day to day, but also helps you to slow down the ageing process. Top tip!

Unfortunately, most of the westerns world diet is predominately acid forming due to the refined foods a lot of us eat and also the over exposure to certain toxins in the environment.

Our blood needs to hold a pH level between 7.35-7.45, so when this goes out of sync, our bodies will draw minerals from where necessary in order to keep this balance. Generally, our bodies will start with our hair, skin and nails and then from there, will generally move from drawing minerals from our bones which in turn can contribute to conditions such as osteoporosis.


So what foods can you avoid to help keep this balance?


  • Remember that there is always too much of a good thing. Even though some foods can be acid forming we still ned some for health. Decreasing the amount of meat we consume is one way to keep this balance. It can be quite easy to eat 3 meals a day with meat in. Try to reduce your meat intake to one meal per day. Increase your protein sources from fish and pulses rather than all meat sources. 
  • Red meat contains high levels of uric acid, so over a long period of time can naturally become quite detrimental to your health. Eat red meat sparingly.
  • Cow’s milk and yoghurt, over a long period of time can exacerbate arthritic type conditions. Of course, it’s still important in terms of calcium stores, but potentially trying to increase your green vegetables and also small fish bones in your diet will help you to replace these stores.
  • As I’m sure you could guess, all refined sugars in cakes, biscuits and pre-packaged desserts are acid forming.
  • Wine, beer, spirits, fizzy drinks and sweetened fruit juices are all highly acid forming. Don’t over do these. If you’re someone who suffers with thrush as any example, this would be the first thing I would predominately cut down on. 
What foods are a beneficial?
  • Honey, agave and brown rice syrup are all known to be alkalising. They all do have quite a high sugar content, so again, don’t over do it. But can be beneficial in small doses.
  • Wheat gras, alfalfa, kelp, seaweed, broccoli, parsley, celery – these are some of the most alkalising foods. Getting yourself a greens powder to take daily goes a long way. All of these are high in chlorophyll, which is rich in magnesium, a major alkalising mineral.
  • The most alkalising fruits are cantaloupe melons, papaya, dates, mangoes, lemons, limes and figs. Adding some lemon or lime to your water daily, could be hugely beneficial.
  • Over the past few years Apple cider vinegar has become extremely popular in the western world. It is hugely beneficial to have, perhaps with some warm water and honey to help re-alkalize the body and reduce symptoms of arthiritis or any other inflammatory conditions.
Other helpful hints:
  • Stress, anger and smoking will all contribute to an over acid system.
  • Breathing deeply and regularly, potentially trying meditation, has a alkalising effect on the body. This is due to an increase in oxygen in the blood stream.

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