Female Health

Our Hormones affect our sex drive, fertility, skin, mood, weight and energy.


The Female body is designed to work in a cyclical manner. We all have our own cycle, to which is normal for us (normally between 28-35 days), but sometimes things can go a little out of balance.

We decide to go for that job promotion, which entails working long hours and minimal sleep, becoming a mum, already are a mum, start up a business, home stressors…whatever it is can cause our bodies to really go out of sync. LIFE sometimes can just get in the way, of you feeling at your best, and feeling optimal.

Then symptoms start to arise… suffering with PCOS, Endometriosis, migraines, headaches, reflux, poor bowel movements, irregular/heavy periods, chronic infections, zero sex drive…all of which you may talk to another health care provider who says all of which are completely normal….

But they are not!! 

These are all symptoms of hormonal imbalance which can be solved with using food as your medicine! 


That’s why I do the job that I do. To teach other women that it IS possible to run a successful business, study and have a happy and loving home life without getting burnt out! I want to help women, just like you, who feel your hormones are out of whack, life is getting in the way, but need to take back some of your control!