Male Fertility

Male Fertility has decreased by more than 50% since the 1930’s. It’s thought that it is mainly due to lifestyle and dietary factors which there is now a huge shift in since that time.

Smoking, junk food, use of recreational drugs, poor sleep, high stress are all going to be contributing factors to poorer lifestyle choices and ultimately going to have an adverse affect on our health.

Due to this, there is now an increase interest into environmental and dietary changes needed for a man in order to increase the mobility and shape of sperm.

Even for men, who have a low sperm count, as long as the quality of the sperm are good these can provide more than enough success for a couple! Good nutrition and alterations in lifestyle choices are sometimes all which are needed.

Free radicals, are what cause all the damage to the cells in the body. These can be produced by toxic loads, heavy metals in the system, stress, poor nutritional status (even BBQ’ing food causes free radicals), which can all result in damaging sperm. It is anti-oxidants which help to fight off these free radicals, but if there’s not enough getting in with foods, it can cause havoc on sperm.

So, we ideally need a diet which is going to help eliminate free radicals and increase anti-oxidant loading!

Within a consultation, I would guide you through the appropriate nutritional guidelines to ensure this diet is easy to follow & boost the quality of your sperm!