I see and work with a vast amount of different women. Some who are extremely in tune with their bodies and other women who’re not quite so.


I provide nutritional therapy based consultation for both pregnancy / pre conception (for both partners). 
What this approach does, is to connect mind and body so you work as one. For example, when you’re highly stressed some of your reproductive hormones can be prevented from working or when having some simple mineral deficiences can play a huge roll in the delay of conception. 
It’s not just women of advanced reproductive age who are struggling to conceive. It is now known that 44% of women in prime reproductive years are asking for assistant (in one form or another) who are all under the age of 35 years old, according to the CDC’s National Survey of Family Growth.
When trying to concieve your body needs some of the most simple but important nutrients to allow a fetus to grow inside of you. From Essential Fatty Acids, to Zinc and Calcium… these are all extremely important.
There is now more and more studies to show what we eat can have profound effects on our pre-conception stage with stats from Harvard showing women who eat the highest amount of healthy monounsaturated fats had 3.4 x more likely to fall pregnant after IVF. And in a Danish study, they proved drinking 5 or more cups of tea per day, halved your chances of falling pregnant.

Of course, when you’re pregnant too whether you’re stressed, happy or anxious – you’re baby knows about it too. By realising this, and having a plan of action in place can help to have a happier & healthier baby. 
There is now a whole host of studies and evidence to show that your evironment can have a profound effect on conception but also, your childs genetics. 
What your baby experiances in the womb, can affect it’s outlook on health and wellbeing as he or she gets older and a lot of this can come from environmental toxins from the skin care products you use on your skin, to the air freshener’s you have in your home to the pesticides you have on your foods.
When you’re pregnant your baby is growing at such an alarming rate it needs all the most important vitamins and minerals in order to do so. What baby wants, baby takes so if you, as a mother are not topped up in vital nutrients, it can affect your health post natally without even knowing. 

What I have found out whilst researching and working with women, is that we do not just have three trimesters, but in fact five.

The first is preconception and the fifth is the first few months post part.

There is no reason whatsoever, to limit the journey of pregnancy to whilst the baby is inside the womb, but in fact, there is plenty of scientific evidence to show the pre conception stage and taking care of your body post-natally can have astounding affects on both mum and baby heath wise.

If we think of our bodies as a tree. When the seed is planted, depending on how well the soil is kept and nourished is to how well the tree is going to grow, develop and flourish. This is going to be the same for a baby within us. This is why the three month preconception stage is so crucial for mum and baby.

The 1st trimester is when your baby grow’s the most with his or her organ system growing, this is why good nutrition is critical at this point. Most expectant parents know about the importance about taking Folate, but what about all the other most needed vitamins and minerals?
In the 2nd trimester your baby is growing strong and health teeth and bones so having a good balance of vitamin D and calcium is also extremely important at this stage. 
These are all things I hope you will learn as we go.