Trying to fall pregnant in late 30’s and early 40’s

Many women are now deciding to start their families much later. This can be due to work commitments, furthering your career, waiting to find the right person or just not feeling ready to be a mum and have someone depend on you.

The biggest fear for most women is when you finally decide to start trying that you won’t be able to, or that it will be difficult to do so, resulting in expensive and invasive procedures to help you along the way.

Let’s take a deep breath and look at the statistics!

Getting pregnant in your 30’s (and even potentially early 40’s), is not only doable, all of the very saddening statistics you may of heard are not always that accurate.

It is just as easy to have a healthy pregnancy as much as it is when you’re in your 20’s!

An infertility study in 2004 from National Institutes of Health concluded that there was only a 4% increase in infertility between the ages of 27-34 and the ages of 35-39. It does go on, however to explain the small complications of having a birth at these ages, however a healthy lifestyle leading up to these years can do more than enough to help prevent this.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine states that ‘for every 100 fertile thirty year old women trying to get pregnant in one cycle, 20 will be successful and the other 80 will have to try again’. This makes it sound near impossible to fall pregnant but the time frames shows a bigger picture.

The last statistic from the same company show that in 4 months of trying to conceive 60 out of 100 fertile women will get pregnant and after 12 months of trying 93 out of the 100 fertile women will get pregnant.

Most statistics, (that I’m sure you’ve been reading up on about) are just actually more scary than helpful!

There are also different challenges associated with being older but none that again, by knowing your own body and getting in tune with it, that you cannot be in control.

  • Decreased ovulation, both in frequency and ovulation. There is of course a real die off with quality eggs as we get older, however a healthy lifestyle and balanced hormones can keep our eggs happy and healthy well into our late 30’s.  Women in their early thirties have a 75-80% of getting pregnant within 1 year and women in their early 40’s have a 65% chance of getting pregnant. The odds are still in your favour.
  • It is thought that long term birth control is a factor in making it harder to get pregnant. The main reason it can take such a long time to fall pregnant and resume a healthy cycle are due to poor lifestyle choices and unbalanced hormones – both of which you can take the reigns off and have complete control off.


With following a good diet plan, having foods rich in good fats, proteins and the right carbohydrate sources your body will flourish, balance it’s hormones and be in perfect harmony!