About Farah Fonseca

DSC03175Do You Wish You Had A Naturopathic Nutritionist Who:

  • You Could Trust For Information Regarding the Latest Research to Improve Not Only Your LifeStyle But Also Your Health?
  • Can help you with information for the best option’s for pregnancy, birth control & new mum issues?
  • Know what herbs work best for you, even with a particular chronic condition?
  • Recommend something different rather than pharmaceuticals and surgery with a more natural approach to health?

Every woman’s body is different. We are all made up genetically very different so every woman I work with has to be from a slightly different approach. Starting out in the Health and Fitness industry, I saw plenty of clients just not getting the results they should be getting for the amount of energy and discipline they were putting both into their fitness regimes and apparent food diaries!

There had to be more! So I decided to start learning again to try and figure out what is going on underneath the surface.

I qualified in 2016 as a Naturopathic Nutritionist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Whilst on this course, we learnt such an array of different health conditions, but the main topics which stood out for me was Female Health & Fertility.

All of my clients I took on board as part of the course were Fertility based and 2 out of 3 became pregnant whilst under my guidance and took it as a sign!

From then, I have taken a particular interest, making sure I am continually researching and knowing the top area’s in Female Health & Fertility field to reach out to even more women.

I look at you as a person, treating the cause not just the symptoms of why you come in to my clinic.


I am proud, that with each of my clients I am able to provide a:

  • Unique Holistic Approach which will look at treating the cause.
  • Individualised tailored plan, as everyone is different.
  • Highly credited referrals to leading practitioners in massage, chiropractors, acupuncture and rehabilitation.
  • Understanding..being a woman. 


Farah Fonseca’s Personal Story

Apart from this, I thoroughly enjoy taking part in Strong Woman competitions, recently being crowned England’s Strongest Woman (2016 & 2017), Britain’s Strongest Woman 2017, 3rd at Europe’s Strongest Woman in 2016 & came 4th at the Arnold’s in Ohio in March 2017.

This enables me to put both the nutrition, lifestyle and exercise into action and ensure I’m making the best choices to practise what I preach!

I also run local ladies only Boot Camps in Basingstoke (Popley, Chineham and Hatch Warren) and also Whitchurch. We take great pride in being a results based bootcamp and have over 90 ladies working with us to create the bodies and mindset that they want to achieve and have dreamed off!

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