My Approach


Many couples can lose their sense of direction when repeatedly trying to conceive when they are not in full control of the situation. Having to deal with uncertainty can often be the hardest part for couples, the unknowing of whether or not you may have successful created a baby this month or not!

Our bodies work as a whole. Our hormones work synergistically together, to create either a balance within the body or unbalance.

Our mind is connected to our digestive system, to our reproductive system, to our nervous system – so having a whole body approach is key to allow our bodies to work optimally.

The program I create is highly individualised to the couple who sit in front of me. Every single person who comes into clinic will be completely different, therefore their program will need to be different. This is what sets me apart from the rest. There is no generic programming when it comes to Fertility.

Fertility Consultations

The fertility consultations will be unlike any other you may previously of had. It will involve asking questions regarding your work-life balance, at home relationship, systems of the body, lifestyle and diet as all of these are what make us who we are. Of course, any complimentary therapies such as acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness will also be recommended if I feel you would benefit.