The Importance of Meal Prepping

So I’ve been asked the importance of meal prepping in advance and more importantly how to keep your food tasty from Monday-Friday if meal prepping on a Sunday as an example.

For me, because I am a bit ‘everywhere’ every day – and never guaranteed the same time for my meals each day, it is just easier to have all my meals with me. That way if I’m stuck at work late or can’t get home for any reason, because my office is based out of Elite body Works, it is easier to just have all my food for the day with me in one place.

There are always soooo many benefits for prepping your food in advance and I seemed to have caught the nack of how to keep my food tasting yummy all week as well!


So main benefits I find:

  • Free’s up time in my week to continue working rather than having to think about cooking
  • Helps you keep accountable to your goals, whether it be fat loss, weight gain…whatever it may be.
  • Consistency – it is easier to modify your nutrition when you are consistent. It is much harder to know what to change when every day your nutrition is completely different.
  • It is easier to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients in by bulk cooking vegetables in with stir fry’s etc.
  • Saves a lot of money and prevents you from constantly at the shops snacks on the go.
  • Can reduce stress as prevents you from making last minute decisions.


On a Sunday evening, taking 2 hours away from the relaxing sofa surfing, can literally make all of the difference to how stress free your week will be. For me, I either just put on a film in the kitchen and by the time to film has finished everything is cooked or put on some music and make it fun! It doesn’t have to be a chore!

So, what are my favourite easy meals that I make on a weekly basis?

  • Carb wise: I am pretty boring and stick to coconut/turmeric rice (add 1 can of tinned coconut milk whilst the rice is cooking, along with 2 tbsp of turmeric, pinch of salt and olive oil).
  • Sweet potato mash with Dukkah – which is a nutty spice mix and is an absolute game changer.


  • Proteins: this week I have got turkey stir fry – really put in all the veggies, including Pak choy, mange tout, green beans, peppers, tomatoes and courgettes.
  • I also cooked some delicious chicken in the Tagine – which is another absolute game changer. It keeps your chicken really really soft and keeps it soft all week, especially when cooking chicken breast! (Mum taught me that!). Seasoning wise I put some Jerk spices, black pepper, sriracha, chilli flakes and some tinned tomatoes and just let cook in the oven until cooked.


Last week I had turkey mince and the week before had prawns, so continually changing up what your main protein to each part of the meal can really make the difference to your meal.

Making sure you have air tight containers can also make the biggest difference to how well your food keeps throughout the week too!


If you think I have missed any important tips, then make sure to get back to me and let me know!

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