Suffer with Anxiety? Here is my ‘go to’

Now for most women, I feel at different points of the month – or certain parts of our lives it is easy to go through phases of heightened feelings of anxiety.

Whether we have a new job interview, certain relationships with specific people which cause us anxiety, whether we suffer with anxiety as part of your monthly ‘PMS’ or just generally a big change in your life.

Now for me, I am quite luckily in the fact that I generally do not suffer with anxiety – apart from in the lead up to big competitions.

I am sure you can relate this to yourself, wherever you are in your life – but I start to question myself, start to make excuses about whether I am good enough against these other people, should I really be going along, will I make a fool of myself….the pre comp anxiety goes in full swing!

Whatever makes you feel anxious, unfortunately – I am sure some of these questions / similar thought processes go through your mind too.

So – what tends to be my go to in order to help relieve this?

No.1 – Over the past 12 weeks I have made a conscience effort to make sure I am meditating on a daily basis. At first it was just Sunday-Thursday, but now I am fitting in a 10 minute mindfulness on a Friday as well, so 6/7 day’s which is doing wonders. I’ve always found meditating extremely difficult. With my job – I am all over the place. I am a bootcamp instructor, a Personal Trainer, a naturopathic nutritionist, I run online programs, I like to have time to research, write newsletters, start & attempt to finish courses I invest in….the list goes on! And for many of you, I am sure you’re not just the job title you give yourself.

Many of you I am sure are working mums, working part/full time, being a taxi for the kids, you’re the cook of the house, you need to buy the food for the week, be a wife/girlfriend/mother…the list can go on!

Getting 10 minutes to yourself out of day, might seem impossible – but do try. Rather than that 10 minutes flicking through facebook at the end of the evening perhaps download the Calm App and spend 10 minutes concentrating on your breathing – and every time your mind wonders just bring it back to the breath.

No.2 – If you get a chance too and are local to the area – popping down to Floating Point in Pangbourne is a God send! 1 hour, to float in a tank full of half a tonne of Epsom salts. The uptake of Magnesium is extremely high, which allows your body to relax & help with any pain in your body you may be having. Because Magnesium is a muscle relaxant it also helps to calm the mind and again – 1 hour which you don’t have to think about anything but your breathing is a dream. I highly recommend it.

No.3 – Now my ‘go to’ supplement is Rhodiola Rosea. Rhodiola is a adaptogenic herb which has active compounds in it which helps to balance stress hormones such as Cortisol.

Rhodiola has been proven to have at least four major health benefits. The top Rhodiola uses include:

  1. Helping to lower the stress hormone cortisol
  2. Fighting depression and improving brain function
  3. Supporting weight loss and helping to burn visceral/belly fat
  4. Increasing energy and athletic performance, while reducing mental and physical fatigue

When the hormone cortisol stays high for a long period of time, such as from emotional or physical stress, it can cause you to experience stress-related symptoms such as:

  • lowered blood glucose response
  • abdominal weight gain
  • thyroid issues
  • hormone imbalance
  • decreased memory
  • weakened immunity

So you can see how by bringing down your stress levels, you automatically bring down the chances of losing the stubborn abdominal fat.

For me, this is my ‘go to’ supplement I use when coming up to competitions and need to really bring down my levels of anxiety. Whether it’s placebo or not, every competition I’ve been able to walk into with plenty of confidence and my heart not beating out of my chest!

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