My 5 Top Tips To Increase Your Immune System

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! My first blog of 2018 and seems only appropriate to discuss increasing the immune system, especially given how crappy I feel!

I hope you’re feeling better than I am coming into 2018 – but it would seem as though illness has caught most people over the Christmas holiday’s at some point!

So, what better time to know what exactly you should be doing to keep that immune system working as well as possible! So here are my Top 5 tips!

No.1 – Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. When our bodies are in the deepest part of our sleep this is when our bodies can actually start to recover the quickest. We should be aiming to be asleep by 10pm every evening, or earlier especially if waking between 6-7am the next morning.

No.2 – Increase your intake of warming foods. Throughout the winter we’re designed to have more warming foods, such as stews, bone broths and soups. These are all really easy way to get your vegetable intake up as well so make sure to add a variety of these into your day to day diet.

No. 3 – Herbs such as echinacea have been around for a long time as a herb which helps to improve the immune system. A 2012 study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that echinacea showed maximal effects on recurrent infections, and preventive effects increased when participants used echinacea to prevent the common cold.

No. 4 – Take a probiotic. 70% of our immune system can be found in our guts, so making sure that there is a healthy ratio of bacteria is extremely important. They also help you to digest foods and support the natural detoxification process of your colon.

No. 5 – Vitamin D supplement. Research shows that vitamin D works to maintain tolerance and promote protective immunity. There have been multiple cross-sectional studies that associate lower levels of vitamin D with increased infection. Make sure it is a Vitamin D3 so it is in it’s active form.

Our bodies have it’s own natural detoxification process but sometimes, especially over the festive period, it needs a little help in the right direction.

If you feel as though your body is in need of some help with detoxing after the festive period, then join us for our first detox program of the year starting on Monday 8th (support group has opened today).

Everyday for 21 days I upload exactly what to eat and drink and also has an exercise regime to follow for those who are not exercising on a daily basis.

The program is £47 and you can sign up here today to join in!

Some of the benefits? 

Decrease in PMS symptoms

Decrease in menopausal symptoms

Help with loosing stubborn fat

Increase in energy levels

Improved skin

Improved hormonal balance

Weight loss.


Message me today to get booked on to our next program!


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