Is Your Mind & Body Ready For Winter?

Are you feeling ready for winter? It is indeed much darker in the mornings and evening and can sometimes make us feel a little bit GLUM. It’s harder to get up in the mornings, and you just want to spend that extra 20 minutes in bed underneath the duvet. And what’s more tempting when you finish work when its dark, to go to your exercise class/go for a run or make a nice heart warming dinner and cosy up on the sofa?

Yes we’ve all been there! It is ridiculously tempting.

One thing around this time which can often start to get people down is SAD syndrome. Heard of it?

Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is a type of depression which happens in more of the winter months, and typical signs are low moods; lethargy towards everyday routine; weight gain; sleeping for longer.

It can be extremely difficult to feel the energetic-ness of the summer months throughout winter – but here are some things which, if you suffer through winter, may help for you!

  • Get yourself a himalayan salt lamp – the benefits of these are endless and the calming lighting of it will also help lift your moods.
  • Natural anti-depressants – some of naturally, do not produce as much serotonin (our feel good hormone). We have pre-cursors in the body to serotonin which, depending on our genetic make up, may not get converted as easily. 5-HTP is a by product we naturally produce in the body and can be easily be bought over the counter. St. John’s Wort is also another recommend low mood lifter as well as the herb Rhodiola. (Rhodiola has been proven in studies to increase serotonin production by 30%!).
  • As much as you can – keep exercising! There’s nothing better than the natural adrenaline boost and serotonin kick you get from exercise. Find an exercise regime you enjoy, find a workout partner or find a goal in mind to keep you motivated.
  • Eat well! I know it can seem quite easy to start eating more ‘home comforting’ foods – which there is nothing wrong with as these are normally meals our grandma’s made and our grandma’s before that made!
For me personally, my number one supplement I take all winter is Vitamin D! I am sure you aware of the crisis which is becoming more prominent, that people of the UK (not only the UK) are extremely Vitamin D deficient. I would 110% recommend to go to your GP and ask for a vitamin D test.
Vitamin D not only is a vitamin but is a hormone too. It helps your intestines to absorb calcium, it reduces calcium excretion and mobilises calcium from the bones. It also helps to mature your immune cells – a.k.a keeping your immune system healthy all year round! 
There are only a few dietary sources of vitamin D including oily fish, liver, eggs and butter – but most are only modest amounts. Tinned sardines and fresh salmon actually have the highest amount of vitamin D compared to any other food. 
If you find winter a struggle, then really do try to keep your diet 80/20 healthy, remember moderation is key, vitamin D supplementation and also keep exercising!!
If you are thinking you need a kick up the bum with the exercise then perhaps take a look at our website – all our classes have moved indoors for winter so is the perfect opportunity to start exercising just in time for Christmas!

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