Do You Suffer With Heavy Periods?

One of the most common symptoms women often complain about is heavy periods and ask a lot of the time why they get them. Sometimes there is not always a gynaecological cause apart from the fact you bleed too much!

You may build up too much of uterine lining meaning more has to be shed every month or your womb, which functions as a muscle, may have poor tone to it, causing more bleeding than necessary.

Excess oestrogen is also a cause, as it can cause the womb lining to build up more than what is necessary .

Other causes of heavy periods are:

  • Fibroids
  • Polyps (non-cancerous growths in the womb which are harmless, but due to being so fragile they bleed a lot)
  • Endometriosis 
  • hypothyroidism 
  • IUD and some injectable contraceptives.

If you suffer with heavy periods, the number one step is to go and see your doctor. They can refer you to the gynaecologist and they can determine what is the cause – if there is one. Doctors may offer you a drug based approach, including the contraceptive pill, however this may cause more damage down the line – especially going into child bearing years.

So, what natural treatments could be affective?

Firstly, following a hormone balancing nutritional protocol is key.

1. Eat plenty of fruits and variety of different vegetables. 

2. Change your grains to wholegrain.

3. Buy organically where possible.

4. Eat phytoestrogen rich foods including chick peas, lentils and organic soy products such as tofu and tempeh. 

5. Eat oily fish, as well as nuts and seeds.

6. Eliminate dairy.

7. Drink plenty of water and herbal tea’s – 2L as a minimum per day.

8. Reduce alcohol.

9. Reduce caffeine.

10. Avoid sugar, a lot is hidden in foods!

The main points which specifically help with excess menstrual flow are mainly caffeine. Caffeine is known to increase menstrual flow, so decreasing this can make a big difference.

Phytoestrogen rich foods help to keep excess oestrogen levels under control by blocking oestrogen receptors. Plenty of humous and carrot sticks!

Dairy causes hormonal imbalances in women due to the amount of growth hormone in there. If you think what animal is supposed to drink it, these are animals which need to grow as quickly as possible to defend themselves. If you have endometriosis or fibroids for example, this growth hormone can cause these to get out of control quite rapidly.

A herb named Dong Quai has been known to help and encourage the normal functionality of the womb and help regulate the production of unhealthy prostaglandins, which are a substance which are responsible for increase blood flow.

If you suffer with heavy periods, please do not be shy to message me back for more help!

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