The Effects of Oral Contraceptive On Your Unborn Child.

Are you on the Hormonal Contraceptive?

The number of women who are on some form of hormonal birth control is now at a staggering all time high with many women not being told the disadvantages and negative impact it is having on their health! 

Did you know there is now more and more research to show some impacts of hormonal birth control on the gut and vaginal microbiota, which can affect both mother and baby in delivery? 

Our microbiota (a.k.a the millions and trillions of bugs which live within our digestive system) is formed perinatally. Meaning the bacteria we have in our gut is formed by our mother’s both in childbirth and post natally.

A developing fetus whilst in the mother’s womb, can in fact be exposed to the maternal microbiome via the amniotic fluid and the placental microbiome (yes, how amazing! The placenta carries it’s own microbiome) – even if it has relatively low numbers of bacteria.

One study using mice, were fed a Gluten Free diet during their pregnancy and lactation period and studies showed there was a positive shift in their microbiota composition – which passed off to their offspring!

How does this benefit their offspring?

– Improved Immune Maturation (immune system mature’s quicker)

– Reduced inflammation within the body

– Reduced risk of diabetes.

Showing that yes, the more diverse a mother’s bacteria is in her gut whilst pregnant and in delivery – can significantly improve the health of the baby! 

Unfortunately, it’s not fully understood the process of infant microbial seeding in infants born by caesarean. We know that if mothers actually ‘push’, but complications arise within the delivery and an emergency caesarean is performed, then the babies actually have a much more diverse microbiome at birth compared to infants born by planned caesarean’s.

So what’s the problem with contraceptive?

It’s been shown to increase a negative environment in both the cervix and the endometrium.

In a small study of just 15 women on the Depo-Provera (injection), 18 using IUD and 23 in the control group, the first two groups showed a significant gene up regulation of both inflammatory and poor immunity in the cervix.

Gene up regulation means you are more prone to that disease or symptom, as your genes are UP regulated.

Therefore we need to be making sure before conception, we are trying our best to detoxify our bodies systems, reduce inflammation within the body and optimise immune health – all so that as much as possible will be passed onto baby. 

Interesting there is only one study to show there MAY be an increase in Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) in women who use the copper and hormonal IUD.

If you’re thinking in the future that you may want to conceive and in need of help detoxing the body, reducing inflammation and increasing the good bacteria within your gut, to optimise the perfect home for a little one to grow, then get in contact today, to book yourself in for a nutritional consultation with me today!

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