What’s preventing your weight loss?

Weight Loss. One of the main ‘issues’ women come to see me about on a weekly basis.

‘I’ve tried everything. Slimming world, weight watchers, reducing my caloric intake, exercising like a maniac but nothing’s working. Can you help me?’

This is definitely something I hear on a regular basis!

I’ve got this one client at the moment.. been struggling to loose any sort of weight for the past 6 months – 1 year. Been doing ALL of the exercise under the sun, food has been gluten/dairy/sugar free for absolute months, and nothing shifted!

I decided to put her on an Elimination diet to see if there were any foods, which might be allergenic for her, and most people tend to drop a lot of weight whilst on this. Again, nothing. No change in weight loss, no change in inches.. nothing!

Whilst her symptoms were actually worsening!

We finally got some blood tests through from her doctor, which explained the whole story.

Sub clinical hypo thyroid and anaemia. What does that mean?

Under active thyroid for starters!

However, doctor said she’s absolutely fine. Nothing was wrong with the thyroid and she definitely wasn’t anaemic.

We got two other naturopaths to have a look at the testing to see what their thoughts were.

Both said, under active thyroid and anaemia.

What does that say for some of the meetings you have with your doctors?

Do not always take their word for it. Unfortunately GP’s and conventional medicine reference ranges for their blood tests are so far out that most people are extremely ill by the time they get out of those reference ranges. Why would you not start to treat as people are showing signs of potentially going out of those reference ranges?

Specifically to the thyroid reference ranges, for the level of TSH, which is the most common thyroid test done through your doctors, it can be anything up to 4.50mu/L where in a functional medicine standpoint, you would not want anything about 2-2.5mu/L.

When you’re over this you’re already on your way to becoming very ill.

Our thyroids are CRUCIAL for the metabolism of all of our cells. It helps to regulate fat loss and without it working optimally weight loss will be hard to come by.

Now we know this, we can get further testings done to try and find the root cause to both the under active thyroid and also the anaemia and then get her on a proper nutritional plan in order to support this and help the weight to drop off.

One thing is for certain, if you walk into a GP’s surgery, knowing that something is not right, but they’re telling you everything is fine – get a second opinion. You know your body more than anyone else does, so it is critical if you know something is wrong, to get help elsewhere.

And ALWAYS get a copy of your blood test results so you can research yourself!

If your weight loss has been slow, suffer with thinning hair, dry and brittle nails then perhaps getting your thyroid checked out also may not be a bad idea!

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