Fertility Super Food!

Ever heard of Royal Jelly?

Not many people have. But it is a fertility super food! 

Royal Jelly is what is fed to Queen Bee’s of a bee hive to sustain her throughout her life (she is fed absolutely nothing else), in order for her to give birth to millions of baby bees. Royal Jelly helps to create a Queen’s Bee’s ovaries and sets her up to reach maturation in just 5 days, meaning she can give birth up to 2,000 eggs per day! Imagine that!

This is why Royal Jelly is one of the number one Fertility Super foods.

A Queen Bee is double the size and weight of your regular working bees and lives for up to 5 years rather than just a month which regular bee’s live up to! So if Royal Jelly can do that for a tiny bee, I wonder what it could do for a woman!

It has been discovered that Royal Jelly contains properties that might support healthy uterine muscles and uterus lining. It is rich in protein, along with vitamin D, E, all the B Vitamins and contains a range of probiotics! Super food galore!

Royal Jelly is an extremely potent supplement – and in small doses can give you all the vital nutrients you need on a daily basis. It’s like an extremely good multi vitamin!

We need all these vitamins in order for our hormones to be healthy and have regular ovulation and we need these in order to be fertile!

So what are some of the major benefits of Royal Jelly?

  • Vitamin D for strong immune health
  • Probiotics to ensure a healthy gut
  • Vitamin B6 to boost progesterone levels
  • Proteins in order to produce hormones and hormonal balance

Royal Jelly is perfect to add to a smoothie in the morning or add to some Greek yoghurt and berries in the morning!

What’s the difference between Royal Jelly and Honey?

Well honey is a known ancient remedy in order to boost low libido, but does not have the fertility boosting properties. So depending on what you need it for you either need honey or Royal Jelly!

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