Lacking Libido?

One of the most common issue which surrounds women, however rarely spoken about in front of friends, is lack of libido – a.k.a sex drive!

I’ve been told about other women my age, who are not having sex with their partners for up to 6 months at a time! (I’m only 23 so seems a little bit odd to be having sex so little!)

Then I read forums and women are saying that her and her partner compromise to once per week…

There is no such ‘normality’ to how often we should be having sex. One couple to another is completely different.

You’ve always got one friend who has an extremely high sex drive, willing to give you every last detail of their sex life whilst you sit not feeling great! And other’s who are probably more in line with the ‘once a week’ scenario. We’re all different.

But what thing’s can be affecting our sex drive?

As easy it is to regard lower sex drive with getting older, work being too busy, kiddies running around (which I can appreciate are all extremely valid reasons!) there are some environmental factors which will help to keep your sex drive up higher!

Conventional medicine often fails to connect the dots between how lifestyle factors – including our diet (especially low-fat, high-carb and sugar-packed diets), drinking alcohol and smoking, exposure to environmental toxins, and being chronically stressed – contribute to and exacerbate sex hormone imbalances.

Lifestyle factors cause major issues to lack of libido, however the main winner is: sugar!

Sugar increases are blood sugar levels; therefore increasing our insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone, which then causes other hormones such as our sex hormones such as oestrogen and testosterone to become unbalanced.

Sugar has been shown to also decrease testosterone in men and affect testosterone utilisation in women, which will decrease libido, increase body fat and decrease energy levels.

In order to feel energised you did to work on reducing your sugar intake or completely eliminating it where possible to get the desired affects.

If you need help in order to rebalance your hormones; decrease your sugar intake and ramp up your sex drive, then book in for a Nutritional Session with me in order to get you on the road to an energised version of yourself!

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