Breast Tenderness & Flatulence

Tender breasts can be a common symptom of PMS. They can become increasing swollen and tender prior to when your period starts. It can also come on alongside water retention, abdominal bloating – which can be caused by an excess of oestrogen. Exercise has been known to help massively with reduction of breast tenderness as it is great at getting the fluids drained out of your system!

So what foods should we avoid to help with this?

  • Caffeine – complete avoidance can reduce symptoms of breast pain and tenderness. Remember caffeine isn’t just in tea and coffee. It’s in energy drinks, coke, chocolate and even need to check some over the counter cold medicines.
  • Alcohol should also be kept to a minimum.
  • Sodium based salts such as table salt, tends to aggravate water retention, as it brings your potassium/sodium balance out. Preferably using a magnesium based salt or Himalayan or Sea salts are both great alternatives.
Friendly Foods
  • You need plenty of EFA’S (essential fatty acids!). These have plenty of good prostaglandins which help to reduce inflammation. These can be found in oily fish, flaxseeds, sunflower/sesame seeds and avocado’s.
  • Eating organic, fermented soya-based foods such as tempeh, miso, edamame on a regular basis can help to balance hormones.
  • Cruciferous vegetables are great for balancing hormones as they are super high in fibre! Broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, kale, spinach are all great examples of these.
Useful Remedies
  • Taking a magnesium supplement daily will help. Magnesium is known as a muscle relaxant and will help not only with general body tension but also tenderness.
  • The herb Agnus Castus is also known to be good at balancing hormones. This is something you can buy in a health food store.
So flatulence a.k.a windy pops! Not always great, with it timings of when it decides to appear! It can be largely due to undigested foods in the gut or an imbalance in bacteria within the gut. With flatulence, you kind of have to go back to basics with it and start eating your foods properly. Digestion starts in the mouth so making sure to chew your foods properly is extremely important! We also need to make sure there are adequate amounts of stomach acid as this is where the proteins in our foods get digested – this can be then move into the intestines and start to ferment if not digested properly!
There are some main lifestyle factors which cause us to not be able to digest our foods properly! Smoking is notorious for this, but alcohol, sugary foods, high fat foods, caffeine and prolonged stress can all dampen our ability to digest foods.
Foods to avoid
  • Any foods you know you have a definite intolerance too
  • Beans such as kidney, black-eyed etc, plus lentils and chick pea’s for some people too
  • Some people also have problems with cabbage and onions.
  • Cheese is extremely hard to digest!
Friendly foods
  • Ideally, we want foods that are going to aid in digestion. Fennel, celery and watercress are all used to help stimulate the digestive enzymes in the stomach work again.
  • Using rice pasta’s/oat or rice cakes/quinoa or rice tend to be better options are they’re all wheat free.
  • Try coconut/almond milk instead of dairy. Same goes for yoghurts. Try the coconut yoghurts instead.
  • Drinking peppermint, fennel or camomile tea’s after meals can help with digestion.
Useful Remedies
  • Start taking a probiotic. These are easy to buy over the counter in health food shops to help rebalance gut bacteria.
  • If you suffer with reflux, bloating and flatulence potentially getting your hands on some digestive enzymes in order to make sure you’re digesting your foods properly when eating.
  • Try to eat smaller meals which will place less strain on the stomach.
  • Stress can cause bloating and flatulence in itself. Try yoga or deep breathing exercises.

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